Schools FAQ

Q: Can provide a customized tutoring program for our institution?

A: Yes. We can create a custom academic program to fit your students’ learning needs. Our goal is to deliver best-in-class tutoring to students through a high-quality online platform.  We will work with your organization to make tutoring affordable and accessible to all of your students.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a member-partner of

A: Supplemental education is an important factor in a student’s learning process.  We will help your students gain an academic advantage by working with our industry-leading tutors. They can provide homework assistance for numerous subjects—including math, English, science and social studies—and enhance the impact of the great teachers you already have on staff.

Q: How does a member partnership work?

A: Once you sign up to become a partner, we will create a custom landing page for your school at (e.g. There is no cost to your organization and tutoring can be provided to your students at a discounted rate, enabling you to provide a tremendous service to the families you serve.

Q: Who should I contact to begin the process of becoming an EasyTutor partner school?

A: Click here to fill out our membership form. A representative will reach out to you for additional information.