Simply the easiest, fastest way to help your student love school again

Designed to help students develop Confidence for Life

“Confidence for Life” is our tagline and our mission. It reflects an intrinsic commitment to help every student we serve increase in self-esteem and empower themselves to reach their fullest potential.

For students who struggle with grades, wish to accelerate their learning or simply need help with homework, EasyTutor creates confidence and empowerment. We’ve designed it to be the easiest and most-effective online tutoring service available.

Less homework stress means more harmony at home

If you’ve ever had a child struggle with school, you understand the stress and anxiety that fill your home when it’s time for homework. Your child becomes panicky while do your best to help with subject matter you may not even understand—all while juggling countless other responsibilities.

For families that deal with homework stress, EasyTutor provides relief by connecting children with expert tutors who understand the subject matter and can help students overcome their angst. The result? More love for learning and more harmony at home.

A commitment to long-term learning makes EasyTutor different from other online tutoring services

Our mission to create Confidence for Life required that we not just consider a student’s short-term learning needs, but that we also help them learn how to learn and become life-long learners poised to excel in whatever they do.

That’s why new students are asked to begin their experience by taking a 15-minute online learning skills evaluation, which helps our tutors know exactly how to teach them. And that evaluation provides our students and their parents with insight into how the student learns, equipping them with the know-how necessary to perform better in any learning situation.

Features and functionality to make tutoring easy and effective—anytime, anywhere

We built EasyTutor to be the most effective online tutoring platform available to students. With features developed to maximize the ease of verbal communication between student and teacher, plus the ability to text chat and share documents, our virtual classroom provides every opportunity to understand and be understood. And since our platform is compatible with any mobile device, you can literally jump into a tutoring session anytime, anywhere.

Extending the reach of world-class tutoring to families in need

Because we are driven by a tangible mission to help young people develop Confidence for Life, a portion of all profits provides free tutoring for low-income families, enabling underserved youth to receive the help they need when help at home is not an option.

A Letter from Our Founder

Welcome to EasyTutor, where our mission is to help all students achieve Confidence for Life. To accomplish that mission, we designed EasyTutor to be the most effective online tutoring solution on the market.

I started EasyTutor after my wife and I watched our children struggle through school in math and science. It broke my heart to see those challenges affect their confidence and sense of self-worth, so I spent tens of thousands of dollars on private tutors in an effort to help them succeed.

What I really wanted was an easy-to-use and affordable online tutoring platform that would provide access to the best tutors available from the convenience and safety of our home—but I simply couldn’t find it.

At EasyTutor we have created a learning process that will give your children the confidence they need to unlock their full potential. Our one-on-one online tutoring process is simple, safe, customized and absolutely convenient. It is everything I looked for when trying to help my own kids.

Please accept my pledge of absolute service and support as you join EasyTutor and enjoy the most effective way to help your children eliminate homework stress, improve their grades, get ahead in school and achieve Confidence for Life.